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Design "slow philosophy"

Before the interview began, with Xiao Peng Chong package look years he preserved manuscripts, his right inspiration for each work, design, interesting story happened in the Creation, not just this initial contact gives the feeling of taciturn lanky man talking about these Shique excited like a child.
About pentawards Awards and the entry process

Pentawards is the world's first and only focus on a variety of packaging design contest, the entries were judged by world-renowned designers who formed the international jury, based on the creation of quality of work, the winner will receive a bronze Pentawards respectively, silver , gold, or platinum gold, Diamond Award. Everyone says he is packing Oscars, pentawards winning entries have been affecting the global designers creative direction. Prior to this, the Chinese won the bronze, silver and gold, but gold or platinum for the first time aspirations. Peng Chong said, the university is a special feel to get pentawards cow thing, this as their goal to reach a certain height, until 2013 for the first time participate in the contest pentawards Bronze, to this year's Platinum Award, frankly just learned the winning message is very excited, no sleep all night to the next day also like to play with blood as excited. But after the excitement there is a consequent thinking more about the future path of creation, the future design and so on. Speaking Pentawards entry process and is not really complicated, always concerned pentawards official website, according to the above requirements to submit works on it, the official language is English pentawards game, it is recommended to get a professional translation agency for translation, so the judges can see your point of view to be expressed. Deadline Pentawards competition generally in the middle of May, if you choose the best entries advance registration.

Many people get Platinum Award for the work "QIAN'S GIFT" organic rice packaging understand more, in fact, in 2013, "QIAN'S GIFT" series of the first set of wine packaging have been obtained pentawards bronze medal, and has been internationally recognition and praise, the United States and Russia have carried out a number of media reproduced and reports. "QIAN'S GIFT" organic rice inspiration comes from the locals for nature and in harmony with the natural rules of survival, to touch me, and I hope that through a unique design approach will express this state, and cause everyone's sympathy. Ancient heritage with the local paper to get everybody together developed packaging paper, stroking the paper plant fibers brought concavity, and my heart is full of moving. It is one of the "four great inventions" China has been proud of, but also witness the history of Chinese civilization. The project not only on paper selection ingenuity, in the printing mode also made a bold return, using traditional letterpress printing forms, environmentally friendly energy. Printing colored vegetable dye chosen to avoid environmental pollution. I think this can be a unique winning packaging materials and workmanship and the respect and protection of nature, it is one of the reasons impress the judges so this package stand out from the many outstanding works. ʱ??

About Pesign Design

Finally talk to Pesign Design, as pesign founder, I saw flashes of light in his eyes.

Peng Chong says with a laugh, now people mention Pesign Design reaction reminds me of a famous talk show host scripts Wong: Wong people mention first reaction was, "who?". Yes, Pesign as a young design agency, whether domestic or foreign, are still not formed cognition in people's minds. But I firmly believe that the time has a new vision of development, adapt to the new era of the young enterprise is ripe. I am to focus on international events, in fact, want to change the world's perception of China's contemporary design through their own efforts, China has not always been designed in imitation and plagiarism, I think as a Chinese contemporary designers, we must dare to stand express their views on the world stage, do not be afraid, China's long history and rich culture is ancestral treasure. This is what many countries do not have. Over the years, we imitate Western design expression, designed to mimic the expression of Japan, and finally China's own design expression lost, and now many Western designers evaluate the design of contemporary China, to imitate them, and imitate and well, this is true. So we must have national pride and cultural self-confidence, with excellent interpretation of Chinese design expression of the profound Chinese culture. Pesign Design in the company's most prominent place that says, do good to change the world of Chinese design. This is our goal, we will always insist on it.

As good design the most important thing is what? First, of course I want to do the design to clarify the nature of the design. About the nature of design, I asked a lot of people. There are just out of college graduates without work experience working for more than a decade of experienced designers, the answer varies. I always think: nature design is to solve problems. Pesign Design project's attitude is always a treat for customers to solve the problem with the design. Designer's work is purposeful artistic creation, which is the artist's creation is different, creative artists to express themselves just enough. I remember when visiting Melbourne R-CO design company, Mr. Creative Director Richard Henderson also mentioned the designer locate the problem, he designed about a brain illustration, the left brain is strong logic board style, the right brain is strong sense of fireworks styles, between left and right brain he drew a circle, said: designer's brain should be about balance, and I very much agree with this view.

In future development, Pesign will always adhere to the sense to do "good design China's influence in the world," the belief that, with our work so that more Chinese enterprises to realize the power of good design, so that more of the world's attention Follow Chinese design, recognized by the Chinese design, praising China design. We believe this is a continuous, tough but also fun way.

Xiao package Summary:

In fact, seeing Mr. Peng Chong's work in the office, the editors are discussing it in such a noisy environment how rare stop and do the design. Thank Peng Chong and Pesign Design, as a representative of the contemporary cutting-edge designers, I believe Pesign Design the future will bring us more surprises imagery reach.

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