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Let wine packaging senses

The arrival of the era of the civilian population

Rapid economic development of a serious waste of resources in China, especially in the liquor packaging industry. Chinese liquor companies rely too much packaging to improve product value, some packaging costs will account for over 60% of the product itself, more serious is not environmentally friendly packaging accessories contain a lot of chemicals, difficult recovery, large tracts of forest have been cut down. After drinking alcohol, customer expensive packaging thrown into the trash, it will not only cause serious pollution, but also a huge waste of resources.

Pesign intent with the greatest degree of cost reduction and maintaining the environment. This design does not require a separate external package, beeswax bottle is sealed to prevent the wine spill. Identify traditional Chinese red, it represents passion is this wine's unique character. Image logo illustrates the entire process from the collection of raw materials distilled into the bottle and then sell the market. Customers can feel how difficult it is to get wine, tasting it.


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