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pentawards Diamond Award

Pentawards 2014 award ceremony at the Palace Hotel in Tokyo within Yamabuki (Yamabuki) hall held, I was fortunate to visit the site before the Diamond Award announced, we saw a very beautiful glacier water commercials, companion also joked, not Hengda ice fountain bar, then there has been a sign of Evian, diamond Awards Announced: Danone Group, with its French dealer Grand Angle created mini-bottles of Evian water Pure Drop design won the prestigious 2014 best of Show Award - Pentaward diamond Award, the idea is great, too diamond Award deserved. Many do not understand children's shoes said it was good, I feel very general, I think that if any work is only to be visually innovative work as a judge the merits of the case, was too superficial.

From the creative concept, packaging materials, distribution of these three terms, the change in packaging design for Evian is a pioneering, first, in addition to the cap part of the bottle need to print, the whole bottle there is no need to print place, by the bottle mold the necessary information attached to the brand bottle, the bottle is no common spiral tear open as long as you can drink the bottle of film. Secondly, on the packaging material, the choice of material is very thin bottle, consumers after drinking hand pinch, thin bottle like a piece of paper, so to save space, and this material is an organic biodegradable. Finally, on the distribution, minis Evian mineral water you can drink his breath, when most brands of bottled water in the bigger and bigger, when the direction of Evian began to try a little, which is revealing the Evian brand Reflections on the earth's resources


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