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Red Dot international design awards

International awards

October 24, 2014, the German Red Dot Award at a ceremony in Berlin concert hall, Mr. Peng Chong won the 2014 German Red Dot Award in 2013 creative works (red dot communication design communication design award).
Everyone's hearts are home to demons and angels. When we need to make a decision on something, they will always appear at the same time, they are trying to persuade us to accept their recommendations, we sometimes believe in angels, and sometimes I believe the devil. Angels and demons not only exist here, the boys love like an angel, a girl like the devil, and every day a variety of requirements, angel every day busy preparing to go to meet, the presence of an angel because the devil lives full of surprises , due to the presence of angels and demons feel safe and warm. Sometimes, we want to be an angel, love flooding to help everyone, and sometimes we also want to be the devil, may be desperate to vent their feelings of depression, it is these interesting things to the designer inspiration, Mr. Peng Chong to arouse our sympathy through this work with everyone to share all kinds of things about demons and angels.

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