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Gallery-the world's best graphics Vol.25 Publisher: gallery magazine Publication date: February 2014

       Products like work, "Qian of Praise" Maotai liquor packaging design is "Gallery world's best graphic design," the English version of Article 25 included. This is a highly professional global design information magazine, involving content from designers and companies from around the world, and are the latest concept works very have reference value.

       The following is its official presentation: "Gallery World's Best Graphic Design," the English version of the publication of a series of two months. It brings together more than 200 pieces of genius as the world's top designers made. Including small to a business card, a packaging design; large storefront, exhibition design. Detailed account of the business location and marketing concept behind the design, you never see is a simple design work, but one face of brutal competition in the market made business decisions wisdom. Each 224 Series, a collection of over two hundred massive works. To ensure that the required two months to find solutions to deal with the market.

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