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QIAN`S GIFT Maobatik


 In the southeast of Guizhou, Miao batik is the artistic heritage for a thousand years .Miao people made traditional costumes by batik.The real silk batik is most wonderful.The painter made the pattern on the silk with the bee wax and knife, then soaked the silk and colored it with natural dyes repeatly.At the last,  dried the silk,removed the wax and cleanned it, the beautiful work of art come out.
  The whole process is manual, without any machines, so the production cycle is long and high cost.While it's environmental without any pollution. Miao use bee wax to paint the pattern, and use the Radix Isatidis, edible Chinese herbal medicine, as the material of soaking and coloring. This old technology should be advocated and attach importance to in China.

  In packaging design, we refused to use industrialized painting method for the packaging,and looked forward for a environmental protection way to solve the problem.The scene of butterfly breaking out of the cocoon inspired us. We designed the packaging just like a cocoon to make sure  the consumer will know the meterial is real silk.  So there
 Will be a obvious difference between our designing packaging and others.The packaging material is very simple:local artificial handmade paper, water and
starch. Mixing water and a small amount of starch, heating and making the mixture into the natural adhesives, then shapping like the cocoon with the paper and drying it,we made the packaging finally.Every packaging is manual,so every one is unique. The most important is that the packaging without any chemical materials can be 100% degradation, and will not have any damage to the environment. The last but not the least, it achieves recycling and reusing.

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