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Donpeng water is from the Donpeng Lake in the Lianhua Mountain Forest Reserve.There are overlapped and  beautiful mountains, pleasant sights and excellent quality water. 
Pure water originates from green mountains, which is our Chinese’s cognition for high quality water sources. The design inspiration of Donpeng Water’s label exactly derived from the relationship between the mountain and water of Chinese traditional philosophy. Layer upon layer of mountains’ reflection is on the glassy surface of water, quiet,pure and aesthetic. Arrangement in succession of colors from deep to shallow produces a feeling from far to near.The label’s biggest feature is that it achieves the maximum visual presentation on the permeability of landscapes. Through much debugging, we carried out printing in which colors are distinct on the transparent ink and formed a comparison between virtual and actual. Labels integrated with bottles and inter water. Under different angles and lights, landscapes show different effects, silhouettes, driving consumers to feel the poetic beauty of the water source. 

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