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yogurt guoshi

Red dot 2017

Yogurt Fruit Food is a type of delicious yogurt with rich tastes at room temperature. For raspberry taste and peach tastes, yogurt adapts preferred seasonal sunshine fruit, and fermented with fresh milk. A unique "SDTFP" process is used, which guarantee the yogurt taste and nutrients in the greatest level. As well, the original taste yogurt is also exists, which enables consumers to make their own favorite fruit combination.

In the creating process, that the label design and the milk bottle shape should be fused together, is one of the customer's expectations. We did not use fresh fruit photos, but used more difficult watercolor style instead which is more unique, expressive at the same time for creation. This is a strong image distinction with the market competing products. Milk droplets of Yogurt Fruit Food and the picture of licking tongue of the mouth at the half bottom of the label, act in a funny cooperation. This intuitively expresses delicious taste of the product. Meanwhile, the two "ears" on the bottle and the rise of the mouth makes packaging and bottle type more integrated. It makes the packaging more intimate and quickly narrows the distance between the product and the consumers.

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