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In most regions of China, there was a habit of cooking edible insects into dishes which was a rare delicacy on the Chinese table. With the development of economy, China’s new generation of young people began to resist eating insects and think eating insects is a strange behavior. Many young people say that the appearance of insects is very ugly and it is hard to swallow. But there are young people who have eaten insects saying that some insects taste very good and is a rare delicious food. China is the second largest population country in the world and it will reach 1 billion 400 million in 2020. A serious shortage of food and dependence on imports will become a major problem in the future.

Why not let more people know about the benefits of eating insects?

 Black Eating pushes out three flavors of fried insect products of chicken, fish and potato chips to encourage more young people to accept the insect as a kind of delicious food and more young people try to insects as a snack.

In packaging design, we do not take pictures of realistic insects but use the three flavors to give consumers delicious association, thus eliminating consumers’ visual discomfort as far as possible. We carry out personification design to the locus image appearing on the packing to make the product more affinity.

The product is popular with young people in their parties. Many consumers have changed their old beliefs and are beginning to love eating insects.

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